Vivid Loving


Vivid Loving


If one day, our laughter disappears
Would you settle for silence? 
If I no longer smiled and shed only tears
Would you let go and not give me guidance?


Because if one day, our love weakens
And our lives become a silent movie
Out of the darkness, I know we will shine like beacons
Finding our way back to beauty.


If one day, we become restless,
Would you let chaos come between us?
If our lips don't lock and become speechless
Would you give up when there's nothing left to discuss?


Because if one day becomes a worry
And there's too much weight in our hearts
With our promising dreams, we will find the strength to carry
Any madness that threatens to tear us apart


If one day, one of us has to walk away
Would you be the one to leave peacefully?
If I don't grab your hand and beg you to stay
Would you hold your hand  and not call for me?


Because if one day, I let go of your hand
It'd be to properly look at you seeing me
With unspoken words, together we understand
That one day--would never be a memory.

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