"perform u turn where possible" or, alternatively, "the one about driving"

im really rather fond of driving
of moving, while not moving much
of possessing the power to annihilate
but using it for meandering about and
going to mcdonalds

i like the exhilaration 
of being around and inside all of these
moving bodies, excited that
i am responsible for the people 
in this vehicle and
the people in the vehicle beside me
knowing that
i could kill everyone
with a quick, easy, jerk of my arm
well, it fills me with some feeling
to be frank

once, a girl that i hate
sat in one of my backseats
with four of my other friends
packed like tuna
chittering like birds
and she said
“I would trust You with my life!”
i laughed
so did everyone else
but our tastes of humor 
were never really similar

i thought we could be friends even if
we didnt laugh at the same jokes

i was wrong.

i used to eat tuna on crackers
in lit class, every other day
but i got sick of the metallic, watery taste
and the birds we kept in cages
too small for them to fly in
always made too much noise
and were too skittish for me
to like them much.

i like driving. call it a hobby
call it what you like

i have places to be, and places to not be in


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