You can't beat ignorance with a fist...something I was told 

But society begs to differ as if our once warm blood is now cold

I try to stay positive but negativity resurfaces every chance it gets

Why are you beset with gloom? After all 1 life is all we get

Riots, discrimination, racism, and injustice...When does it stop?

Our posterity watch and imitate their way to the top

Delivering a great depression we are to face

When stating our position we are sprayed with mace


Tell me law does it feel to have my life in your hands?

To neglect my be "That Man"

Tell me educator...why teach me things Imay not use in the future?

You tell me in order to succeed I need to know my equations...are you sure?

Tell me life giver...why produce more offspring when there's a possibility it'll be taken early

The future's unknown to times it could be blurry

But reader, you're in as deep as I

My advice to the early bird and I'll teach you to fly.


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