Some Days Before


Some Days Before I Would Stare At Stars
I Was Overwhelmed By The Company I Saw
No Expectations No Desires They Just Shone
Equal They Seemed No Cause—No Flaw

Some Days Before I Would Whisper With Breeze
I Was Mesmerized By The Swift It Blew
Neither It Throbbed Nor It Hurt
Rather It Sang With Me Among Ruthless Crew

Some Days Before I Would Walk On Dark
I Was Enchanted By The Calm It Had
No Showoff,It Seemed A Real World
Together Along We Were Happy So Glad

Now I Walk On Bright And Still The Breeze Sings
When I See The Stars I Am Still Overwhelmed
Nights Are Awesome Since I Can Pour Everything
I Have My Hugs To Receive And Loves To Send

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