Sun, 10/16/2016 - 11:29 -- KoreyNG

There is nothing better than a sky filled with
clouds that are ready to pour down rain. And
the only thing that rivals that is when the heavens
open up to bless the Earth with cool and gracious water.

It sprinkles down like powder before drenching
everything it touches. Dirt becomes mud, waters rise,
hair and fur cease to be dry, and cloth sticks to
the owners they cover.

The rain makes for good music if you sit beneath
the roof. The gentle tap, tap, tap at the start and
the thundering drops that hit upon it with reckless abandon
are like a song created by Mother Nature herself.

Long, cloudless days offer nothing but a dull backdrop.
It is in the gloominess of spring showers that Earth's
true beauty is seen. The land may darken and grow damp,
but the view of the sky meeting the Earth is quite breathtaking.

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