Becoming a grown up in a minute

Things can change very quickly

Sometimes in the span of one minute

I came home from school and saw you sitting with our grandma

The both of you looked at me and I knew that was it


You taught me responsibility 

How to be a good role model

I always wanted the best for you

Didn't want you to diddle doddle


You're my little brother

By my side, no one is allowed to hurt you

People look at us and see a son and a mother

I may as well have been that too


The nights I could've spent with friends were always dedicated to you

If I didn't watch you, no one did

I learnt what it was to grow up and be a big sister

You better not forget about me, kid


Because of you, I didn't turn into a party animal

I never thought about abandoning you 

Now grandma doesn't worry about me

She trusts that I know what to do

This poem is about: 
My family
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