Glory of God

I often ponder

Over God's wonder.

From the Sea's living creation,

to Adam and Eve's formation.


Since the Bible doesn't lie, 

Gods awesomeness you can't deny.

The reminder of His mercy

stops my soul from being spiritually thirsty.


Noah's Ark made Him pleased

So, the proof of His colorful promise has never ceased.


David's faith against Goliath was a victory,

Through him, God's greatness was remembered thoughout history.


Jehova's omnipotence is everywhere,

Jonah couldn't hide from Him anywhere.


He gave Israel redemption, 

Moses asked Him for their protection.


But of course, theres more to God's glory

Than to His story.


For it said in Jesus' Prayer "Your Kindom Come!

Your will be done!"

And so He saves me from Temptation

And prevents me from Condemnation.


Grateful my heart is to Thee, 

For God has permitted me to see,

How my life needs to be.



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Our world
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