I Thank You.

confidently, evidently,getting smarter through my mistakes, cutting down, to climb a rank, i just sometimes take my time and thank, the ones that help me out, respecting my every move, so its solute to you. can’t wait to spread the news, about all my flaws flowing, and remaining true. what you doing? I’m doing everything i can, to never miss a due, not a solid doubt in my conscious telling me to stop the music, so I’m coming full force, not pretending, to be clueless, spiraling up, to my next destination with no hesitation, loving caring, distribution, evolution, of the masses, getting faster, longer lasting, aint no stopping till I’m the last in. no more waisting time sleeping, when i can keep me dreams, until they all awaken. never mistaking keep the heat, even though the flows stay Himalayan.just laying on my bed, let life stream through my head. want y’all to remember when I’m dead. enough said. my soul treads, yet extinguishes, and replenishes, up and rocking killing it.

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