The Taken Twins


The two towers stood like Gemini’s,

As the two planes fell from the skies,

Documents began to rain,

While people cried in their pain.


People scream, yell, and stare,

In their search for the ones the care.

People moving in, and rushing back out,

Wondering why this day has come about.


Thick condensing smoke eats away the light,

As if this morning has been changed to night.

People being rescued while the heroes stand tall,

Survivors exiting quickly, until the building began to fall.


Now observers tremble in fear,

Wondering who has gone in there.

All they can do is wait and pray,

As the many souls are taken away.


With both of the towers stopped,

People ran before the rest dropped.

Leaving many piles of debris,

While the towers are on every T.V.


While people ask what's going on,

Another plane struck the Pentagon.

Many souls flew up to heaven,

On this day we call Nine Eleven. 

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