How real are we?


Can we enter 2015 with no filter? With so many filters and mask, I sometimes hate to ask what's real or what's fake. What would it take? The only way I see this happening is being blatantly honest. 

Let us get started. I spit on "Jawwdins" if those wearing them think they are higher than I. Because I choose not to waste money on some design DOESN'T mean you are rich or higher in standards. It means you blew $500 on shoes for show.

   With so much social media, we as people switch personalities for social sites. We "Gram" this, "Snapchat" that, and let the feedback guage us as a person. We post about or 
"Lavish Lifestyles" and post #dressedtoimpress for 30 likes on a photo. Make your paper, sir or ma'am, but don't show me. Money doesn't make you or me, it's our natural personality. 

 Finally, can we please STOP making words  or sayings with no actual meaning? Silly teens, we've actually added "Yolo" and "Selfie" to Websters Dictionary. We're "Swagged Out", no doubt, but we look foolish. What language is this?! I refuse to claim my generation's words. Can we Instagram Tag #stopbeingfake, how many millions will that take? Don't hate me for being blatant. 

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