My Back

The letters across my back

shout the truth so urgently

so vividly that no one can deny. 

The world so clearly seen from behind. 

But in the front, a hollering silence

fills the void, even those of gifted ears

cannot see the reality.

I open my mouth, hoping for something,

anything to escape my being.

When did this become so difficult?

The demons from hell do not compare

to the torture of being seen as another

dot in the sea of expressionless faces.

But how do I escape this nightmare?

Society has shamed the unique and

stripped them of their power.


What ever happened to our innocence

and curiosity from our child years?

Once, long ago, we yearned to be the one rainbow 

across a black and white sky.

We prayed to the stars for love, war, art, laughter.

But reality has brought out the sins of mediocricy.

Our troubles gone along with our dreams.


But my back is too beautiful,

my words too powerful,

my colors too bright to hide anymore.

A gray world is far

too dull for acceptance.

Why must I hide and suffer in silence?

The endless waves of lines have

plenty of contributors, but I will

be the first to curve.

This poem is about: 
Our world
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