Attested winner

You get up
You strive hard
You did work hard.

You sacrificed all you have got.
You carefully laid down your playing cards.
You show them what you got
Yet, God willed it and you lose in the end.

A few days of tears
A few days of groaning pains
Seem like the days are long and the years are short
But what use are they?
They are wasting your day and there is nothing you can do about it.

Yes, God willed it.
And now you contemn Him.
You wonder why, and you can't stop your tears.
But, dear me, you are blind!
You've forgotten that great men aren't born great, they grow great

You do not see how much you have improved.
How God is secretly helping you.

In this world there is no loser, just a winner and a learner
If you don't win, then you learned.

Believe in thee that created you
And you will get just the right advance.
To enter the world with new and invisible determination...
To help this world and our nation.

So never doubt the power of God
One day the table will turn
One day, you too, shall be great.
But call back, whether you win or you lose,
As long as your endeavours are killer...
You shall always be a winner.

©Ibratosyn '18

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