I Am The Autumn Night

The moonlight rays

Slice through your window,

Similar to the way

The blade kissed

Your skin only moments ago.

You look out with

Blurry vision and

A clumsy heart, and

You see that nature,

In the depths of fall

Is fading away,

Leaves falling slowly,

And they have never

Been as beautiful

As when they are dying..

You look at the stars,

With shaking limbs

And a broken heart,

And you see that

On the darkest night,

Their death and explosion,

And the moon light

Are the only sources of  light.

You're getting dizzy,

Head is spinning,

Blood is rushing,

Running from your veins,

Escaping the captivity

Of your own body, and

You have never been

So bright and

So beautiful as

When you were

Dying right then.
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