Flawless Flaws

Acne scars and facial blemishes

My true beauty is what these do not diminish, It's

the fact that I can get through the day with a smile

Even when I'm sporting a messy hair style

Or wearing the clothes that somebody wore before me

I'm soaking up life, taking in all the glory


Wearing no makeup in public because I don't have a care

It's a feeling of complete bliss that most girls can share

Or stepping outside with stubbly legs and shorts on

Since the flaws do not concern me, begone

I appreciate the better things in life

Even though words can cut like a knife


Thick eyebrows must be plucked to the "T"

But who will that impress? Like, really?

Embrace what you're given because there is no such thing as "normal"

No matter what skin color you have: dark, ivory, or carmel

Even if you've got a few more wrinkles than the rest

Some may consider those flaws to be the best




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