Poem of the Forgotten


I'm always beside you

Even if you don't see me

I'm always there for you

Even if you don't need me


Saying that first hello

Will make my heart lighter

But returning the second

Won't make me smile brighter


I'm just a friend for you

To speak to if you need to

And when I'm ignored

It's alright, there's nothing you can do


These tears are all real

Yes this is true

These tears are for everyone

You, you, and you


They're not for myself

Oh no, surely no

They could be for me

That would be selfish, though


Selfish of me

To cry because you're happy

To go on without me

So your life isn't crappy


I'm sorry I'm like this

I'm sorry I care

I'm sorry I'm desperate

It's just too much to bare


I just want to be noticed

I just want to have meaning

I want to have friends

Who don't mind me clinging


"You're all that I have

And all that I've got

I don't want to lose you

For I would lose a lot"


That's why I stay

Even when I'm ignored

That's why I follow you

Just for when you get bored


Even though you can't see it

My big and broken heart

It's still here when you need it

And it won't be so tart


Not sour or bitter

No hatred or fear

Only love for my friend

Because you're still here


Even when I'm ignored

Even when I'm cut off

Even when I'm left out

Frail heart rejected with a scoff


I'll always be beside you

Even when you don't see me

I'll always be there for you

Even when you don't need me


I'm your shadow

I'm your "stalker"

I'm the "annoyance"

Who can be quite the talker


The reason for my words

Why they seem to never end

Is because I never speak

Never allowed with others in this trend


They always cut me off

Interrupt my words

Never can I speak

For my speech is lost in herds


Even in a trio

Just us three

My speech is cut off

Like the wings of a bee


And my frail heart?

What happens to it you ask?

That is hard to say

Not an easy task


It's hard to describe

To put my pain into speech

We'll just say the light is drained

Suched out by a leech


This leech has a name

The name "third wheel"

Don't believe me you say?

He is very much real


You can't ever see him

Can't take him away

He hides quite well

Just a game he'll play


Don't fear on my life

No need for alarm

He doesn't hurt much

He never means harm


He's my only true friend

Been with me forever

He won't ever leave me

No, not ever


Despite how I feel

With that leech at my heart

To be noticed might save me

Pierce him with a dart


Kill the beast of darkness

That drains out my light

Save my soul from the depths

And make my heart bright


Notice me there

Go on, give it a chance

My broken heart won't hurt you

It just wants a dance


Just wants to laugh

To have a good time

To be surrounded in love

So I can call it mine


So I won't have that shame

The shame of those stitches

The temporary fixes

And all those little glitches


Show it the love

The love it really needs

With any love you show it

It will reward your good deeds

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