Choosing a Path

Fri, 10/31/2014 - 12:15 -- priya22



I had to choose a path,
I struggled to find the right one,
I did all the Math,
Weighed the pros and cons for each one,
But the answer remained an illusion.

I wanted to be a Doctor,
To change the world for the better,
To release the people from the fetter,
Of sickness and ailment.

I wanted to be a singer,
To uncover the power,
And the beauty of the voice,
And to remove the dreadful noise.

I wanted to be a scientist,
To invent and discover,
To make the world better,
A world with no cons and only pros,
A world with friends but no foes,
A world with air so pure,
There would be no sickness and no cure.

And so I had many jobs in mind,
And couldn’t decide which ones to leave behind,
But strange are the ways of men,
I had to choose just one,
Now I am back again, right where I began,
Back to square one,
I have yet an answer to find.

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