'I walked down the Aisle'

I walked down the aisle

Wearing a pretty smile


I woke up in the morning

And found a wish by my side

Everything seemed so easy in the clearing

I was so happy and smiled

I wished what I had in my mind

I opened my eyes wide

I prayed

I want to walk down the aisle'

My hand wrapped around my lover

The lover is my goal

The reviews given by my soul

Oh I want to remember each and every way I struggled ,

So that I could hear that yes

And finally on the wedding day I walked down the aisle

Hands wrapped around my dad who seemed to cry for that I was succeeding in life

And I was proving every misogyny and orthodoxy person wrong

Because they don't know what made me strong

What kind of shit I went through and marrying a man is not the only choice for a lady

Without marriage she can have a baby


For what I've known the strongest person in my life is my mom

For what she hadn't followed any norm

She simply believed in me and waનt me to walk down the aisle

And so I did

She stood there smiling , either in two ways

Thinking of me getting succeed and seeing herself in me

What a lost soul feels when it becomes free


Oh yes ! I was more than happy for what I got

But happiest feeling was when I think , how I fought


I walked down the aisle

I wore a beautiful smile

 my hands wrapped around my lover


I solemnly promise I'm up to my good

And I would take care of my goals

In a way I do of family


I walked down the aisle today .


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My family
Our world
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