If You Could Only See

Look, look at me 

note what you see.

A smile sweet, 

Small blue eyes,

Which cannot meet 

Your steady gaze.


Do you, do you know

My efforts to show


No insecurity,

 but acceptance

Of who I am. 


You say I am smart, 

good at music and art,

That I have potential

Beyond my peers.

I have it all

when it comes to ability.


Are you, are you really looking?

You are missing something.

A girl who's afraid,

who wants just to be loved.

More than a grade,

she wants to be beautiful.


I have, I have tried to hide

My fear of failing inside.

Working hard and not 

Looking beyond

Where I am caught

In this comparison trap.


Again, again I wish

For child-like innocence.

Fearless, brave certainty,

Climbing big heights, 

Dreaming big dreams.

A princess in fairyland.


I look up to your eyes 

And see with surprise.

That you look the same as I.

You worry that your mask is thin,

That I can see every fear,

All the insecurities within. 

Do not be afraid.




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