It was in a million walls, I still laid my bricks and mounted out my tears for waters.
I had a call for the storming war, made out my call to stand out simple for others.
This is the moment, life; such a curdle style while hunting and over whelm, I will talk to you strangely.
You are my moment touch of a great slender though, yet i go hunger as the thirst of my blood cuddles you.
Can't fathom those inside, so storious abounded like furious carnality, a modernity for me in times of adversity.
Stars O' stars of galaxy in thorns we all attain your zeal; the meal of a great destiny adorned for more of my memory.
Caught beyond our conscious waves, as all the green go dry when laid, "shiver away the name devastation and call me restoration', I whisper.
But not satisfied, now she's away for those candle lights burning with red clothes surrounding the woods made to fine finishing.
Red wine, glasses glowing with sweet sound of merriment as glowing lights sparkle tenderly to the opera sound of a romantic moment.
While he seat in his gentility, O' monster of love, such a cute guided perfect spear, only looking for the rose not planted in his garden.
Some moment all alone, viewing at the burning coals, tears and memory lanes I wish, when I had never met her; when it was just me, myself and I.
If only death could kiss me welcome, I will hold on but my heart so strong with a favorous thanks yet whispers inside-loud in my back head.
Remember how I had say 'i see you, not her', me and you we could climb the mountains to fall right into the dews while sprinkling love to the weak.
This is me, O' my taught, don't just anger my face, cause I hold for a gear only tearing apart my dear like my storms of awaken fear.
I await for you lovely deary berry, clearly sighted one, in my spoil I so feat nothing on but you to hold.
So now, just come to my arm and hold me closely far, while I tinkle at your nozzle and my anger fading in smile.
To a moment,
To the death,
Sharing great days,
So it end,
Like my movement,
Dearing lanes,
Could you jump up yourself,
To let me nearer,
O' sparkle, dazzle, affordable slurt,
But don't marvel, cradle to fraught,
Entised to deliver my liver for dinner,
While your fever shiver longer.
If this, all these tense make sense then I wouldn't detain my lens to brief brains so to curtail my anguish which might oversell.
Such stops I can't call stop, and the you I just wish ain't you, while the inside of me wait on longer, I pretend to be me while I ain't.
My protocol is gone, am wild O' how I wish that pretends can still fend in and cuddle me at your sightless sight.
Those smiles, as though it were the you I know, yet my response as though the letter, I never saw, he calling you"aglow, a mentor to his bend low for meals at his bedroom" yet he adds, "not an insult but entice for your generous tides.
Oh, he "love to sponge and shower you then mush and snug the touch in your lips".
Yet I can't fathom that energy that fades my strength against you because I love you... How could this breed of pain take hold of me?

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