The stars have aligned
Got you on my mind
My heart's cold and oh so lonely

So I swallow some sin
For the pain that I'm in
A cigarette, a blade, a diet

When we promised we'd stop
In that quaint jewelry shop
On the day that we pledged "forever"

I knew you were the one
But you were there for the fun
By the end you were there no longer

So on sweet summer nights
Every firefly light
Is a glowing, pulsing reminder

Of the days that I lost
As an acceptable cost
To teenage ever afters

Darling, you broke my heart
So you'll always be a part
Of my shattered seashell existence

Forever and always
It's all just the same
A trip to the bottom of a bottle

So, kids, lay down your love
Forget the Lord above
Live for yourself and never others


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