Young Girl


Tears cascade down the young, broken girl's face

She's lived her life being a disgrace. 

But young girl let me tell you,

You're a diamond in the rough I know you'll make it through,

You just can't see it yet .


You're blinded by the facade,

Hurt from all the pain, 

Traumatize by all their lies.

They've left you in a world where innocence is quickly claimed.


I know it's hard to open up when you're so afraid.

That's why I'm here to hold your hand,

And together we will stand.

Together we'll stand..


I'll help you understand, 

That you're worth more than you think ,

There's too much light in you for you to sink.


Sink into the darkness,


Fade away from mankind.

You listen to those voices circling in your mind.

They tell you things that you can't cope.

So you wrap your small throat in rope. 


But believe me, don't jump.

Do you think they'll care if you make it on the news?

Those tears on their faces will be wiped away and you'll be dismissed.

So put down that blade and those cars on your wrists?

Are battle scars,


'Cuz you're a strong young girl,

You're here to shake up this hellish world.

I know where you are,

I've been there before

And I'm still there.

So come with me and I'll open up the door.


Everone judges before they see,

Every flaw of yours is pure beauty.

They visualize a "perfect image" of us girls;


Small waist,flat stomach,round butts,large breasts,

Plump lips,bright eyes and you know the rest.

Open your eyes young girl Take a good look in the mirror.

Enjoy the small things,like the way your hair curl.

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