Anxiety and I

It sits in the of your mind, 

It claws at your thoughts to give you what it finds. 

It seems to want to disappear for a while, 

But it always returns with new worries in a pile. 


I've tried to fight it off, but it always returns, 

And for some reason, it doesn't seem to learn.

I don't want these worries! I try to say,

Yet it keeps coming up with something new every day. 


I wasn't sure what to call it. It kept coming back. 

I wanted to feel like I wasn't all out of whack. 

But once I started searching around for an explanation,

She showed up, in videos of her animations.


She was different. She was open to everyone. 

She had stories that had shown fun times and times she won. 

And while I was watching them, one day I noticed a new video uploaded,

Talking about her disorders, and anxiety that she holded.


I know now that anxiety is the thing that keeps returning.

And thanks to her, I will fan the fire that was burning.

If it wasn't for animations and this girl who could tell me the story, 

I wouldn't be feeling lost and alone in the world's allegory.


So I thank her, the dear JaidenAnimations. 

She helped me find very helpful explanations. 

And one day, thanks to her and many other folks,

I'll be able to tell the same story to the common folk.

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