Remember when you were a child?


Running free outside,

When your aspirations were wide.

Swinging on the swings

and pretending you had wings. 


Watching cartoons

on a sunday afternoon.

And playing with friends

never wanting the fun to end.


Imaginary rocketships

Icecream and Lays chips

Playing with bath foam

And waiting for daddy to get home. 


Once you turn eleven

you're still in heaven.

But your confidence is smaller

and you're beginning to grow taller.


You discover new things

you create new feelings

You develop your first crush

When he looks, you blush.


The nights get later

Your friend becomes a traitor

Suddenly there's drama

And you confide in mamma.


Now you're 16

You think you're a queen

Life is so unfair

You start using skincare


Yet you're still having fun

You're not yet done

Long nights with your first love

Gazing at the stars above. 


Not yet paying bills,

Experiencing new thrills,

Driving your car,

listening to a favorite music star.


Now you're in college

Trying to gain more knowledge.

You need more money

Life is no longer funny.


You get a few jobs

And your head starts to throb.

There's so much stress

You sleep less and less.


On the weekends you go out,

Going to concerts where you shout.

During the week you invest

hours and hours of time for a test.


Now you've started your life.

You've become a wife.

You start to raise your own child

And you begin to smile


Because you know she's about to start

The very best part.

You watch her begin to grow 

Just as you did many years ago,


When life was carefree

when everything was easy. 

When you started to blossom

Because your childhood was awesome. 










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My family
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