aristocracy or Social Order

Sometimes I look at myself 

All I see it's pain itself. 


Why should I trust society? 

Why do I feel this anxiety? 


I feel so desperate to fit 

It makes me sick I have to admit. 


I have to be perfect  

But am so imperfect 

Society reminds me  

How to make the ideal me. 


Why should I be faultless? 

Why do I feel speechless? 


It's so heavy I can't breath  

Inside I'm so death  

This ponderous life it's so hard to carry 

My ego it's killing me, my life it's crappy. 


Who should I blame?

Who should I Shame?


Don’t know what to think 

All I do is smile and blink 

The fakeness is all around 

Society beats me in the last round.


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Our world
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