The Wolf and the Star

Mon, 03/02/2015 - 09:39 -- ENicks


Late one night, not far away;
A lost light wanders, trying to find the day.
She moans and wails, completely lost;
Her mind is ailed, heretics at deathly cost.
The wolf follows the girl like a star;
He seems hollow, following from afar.
The wolf growls, his prize long awaited;
He sniffs the sky, his feet long acquainted.
The girl is weak, her wanderings long;
Softer than a bird's tweet, she mutters a song.
She hears the wolf growl, unfazed is she;
Comforted by his prowl,  something she wants to see.
The wolf is silent, following his love;
Roughly smiling at his long sent from above,
the one woman he can never forget,
Even as the Earth grows cold and wet.
The star crumbles, not going on;
Silently mumbles, daring him gone.
Laying her head on the cold hard ground,
pale blonde hair streaming around.
Her head is pounding,
her body seemingly gleaming; 
such is the way, of the little life fleeting.
The wolf plops down, by the star he sits;
Without a sound, he silently weeps.
Loving the star of which he has found,
no longer from afar, yet she lies like a mound.
He nuzzles her, murmuring, whispering his love,
wishing from help from the beings above.
In her wolf's grasp, her fate much more sure;
Stifling a gasp, she feels a cure.
Hugging her love, her reason for falling
From her home above, an earthly calling.
Together they cry,
together they fall;
Never again will she fly,
for he is her primary call.
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Love inspires me.

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