The New Me

I wake up in this moment, 

this moment so real.


I waited for your touch,

while these wounds refused to heal. 


To the depths of days I wish to not speak,

from my endless nights I wish to not keep.


I think and think everyday,

I have realized now how much I have changed.


My weak and weary skin that was once cold and somber,

has achieved a bright yet peaceful glow. 


My head has created depth to my friends,

thinking of relationships that have come and relationships that may end. 


From a grotesque-spirited heart,

to a beautiful angel face. 


From the depths of bitter hell,

to this bright and shiny place. 


I have traveled miles and miles to find my way,

there was not one place I wished to stay. 


Yet here I am, 

changed and new


My thoughts and dreams are no longer fixed on you



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