Do unto others an apple

We know the story starts “once upon a time.”

Maybe not now because this story is mine.

So, I was sitting in a tree,

When a girl came to me.

“Are there any fruits up there ma’am?

I’m kinda hungry and I need to feed the fam.”

I throw her an apple, and suggest to make a pie,

And watch her walk away, glad I could satisfy.

Later as I walk to the creek,

In the distance I hear a shriek,

I see it is the same girl as before,

And in the water I see her apple core.

I ask her about her greed,

She said she wanted to be more like me.

When she was walking home,

She saw a boy looking thin and alone.

As she offered him the fruit,

She was glad she saw the truth,

“To do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

She offered to play a game,

To avoid going home and feeling shame.

So, I bought her family some food,

And asked if the boy can stay, too.


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