Oh Brother Of Mine

I've known you since the beginning of time,

We were once so little and fragile.

Now that we use to only make a dime,

We got older and became so agile.

We love one another to be happy,

So we can show mom not to worry.

When things got rapidly crappy,

I tried with staunch to get you that McFlurry.

We fight with one another day in and day out, 

Their seems to be no end with this animosity.

Now since there is no doubt going to this route,

The love of who we touch reaches generosity.

You always thought everything was a competition, 

We almost gushed each others eyes out.

Now that I have became more wise and admission,

I have no doubt we can move on from this drought, 

And make mom proud.

For you Oh Brother Of Mine, 

We will always Shine,







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My family
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