Freshmen Blues

First year and whole new places                              

Yet so incredibly alone                                             

End of the chapter, new beginnings                         

Eighth grade feels so far away.                                


Walking halls with strange new faces                 

Loneliness is a silent killer                                  

Every person has been playing this game          

Far longer than I’ve needed to.                         


Lost in space; this class is too easy                    

Seeking out something new to fill my void          

A new world opens in history class                     

Why couldn’t I see all of this before?                       


Injustice and suffering is rampid                               

How can everyone just sit there and laugh?             

Why can’t you see the injustice behind the swoosh?

A system built on uncontrolled growth is                   

Just a cancer by any other name, and-                           


Voila! An epiphany born of an idle mind;                        

My rose colored world view has edged closer to jade.

I have awoken while the world still sleeps            

A warrior in the field of the ignorant.                      


Fire, brimstone, anger and revolution; that was me

In freshman year. But things don’t stay the same, people will change

And soon enough, we all must grow up and face facts.                            

My awaking was merely a waking dream;                                      


My personal war aids no one, but now I know my path;                 

I want to help. No longer a warrior, seeking to win a fight,             

But now as a kind hand, reaching out, eager to help.                    


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