The Man Within the Glass


My vanity has become an army

Pictures purporting to show unparalleled perfection

Provide for my pride and help me survive

And selfies have become synonymous with self-preservation


This glass screen shields me

Afraid to be out in the open

Exposed to the elements of real emotion

The truth is, the only thing that’s real

Is this cracked screen that’s broken


Trying to regain my focus, but afraid and feeling hopeless

Take a picture, make it last longer

My problems keep getting bloated

Some issues can be fixed quicker, but don’t you figure

It’s a little bit different when you’ve become the enigma


I’m so confused and tired of fighting

I walk these halls and try to stop the bleeding

Inside crying – my face keeps smiling

But really, I’m only cheating


I’ll never pass this test with filtered photos

But I’ll undo my filter and let myself go

Now you can see my flaws and do this for yourself so

We don’t all fall victim to the army of our smart phones

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