Bullies Are Jerks (Don’t Let Them Bully You Or Your Friends/Anybody)

It’s hard to be a teen these days

There’s always some jerk pushing you around 

Or throwing your books on the ground

Parents just don’t understand

When their son or daughter comes home from school

they just don’t get it when their child comes home in tears every single day

Parents just can’t see it when their teenager comes home from school with a black eye or a bruise on their cheek-

They ask what happened and you say nothing, I’m fine,

When really you’re not,

‘Cause a mean someone pushed you around

And threw you on the ground-And punched you-Gave you a black eye-

Bullies are always gonna be jerks-

But don’t let them get to you,

Don’t give them that satisfaction of winning,

‘Cause you can’t let them bully you or your friends.

Don’t be a bystander

Don’t just stand on the sidelines and watch someone get bullied

Don’t do that

All bullies are nothing more than jerks-

And one thing’s for certain, that much I know is true 

Don’t-No, Don’t-Let them bully you or anybody else-

It’s hard-So hard-To be a teenager these days.

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