A Healed Wound

Mon, 08/03/2015 - 17:49 -- Jaynea

I’d forgotten what happiness was like,
he’d hurt me and left me in the dark.
Pain was etched in my soul,
and anger swallowed my heart.
The tears I cried were for loss, 
because I didn't know it was a gain.

I prayed day and night so that God could fix what we broke,
but instead of us, he fixed me.

I thought I was shattered,
but God made me okay.
He showed me that happiness was within,
and I was a fool for believing it was you.

That was nine months ago,
but I still remember that day.
You hurt me in ways I never knew possible,
and he mended what you couldn’t.

I no longer cry, not even on our anniversary,
and I don’t hate you—that’d be a waste of energy.
Instead, I thank you for the lesson because God has better plans for me.

You promised forever but couldn’t deliver;
He’s guaranteed eternity and made me a believer.

So whenever you think of me and decide to ring me,
when you ask me “how I’m doing,”
when you want to know if I’ve healed,
I’m going to respond with “everything is awesome,”
because my God is more powerful than your break.

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