I shadow every movement in my soggy home,For there are many to say the least.These large inconsiderate mammals place cones, They take away my spacious habitat, what beasts! My underground neighbors peek above in horror.Their large colony practically destroyed, Now their food supply was shorter,But it was an occurrence my furry friends couldn't avoid. A large yellow structure was what they were using,There was nothing more to say.It seemed to think it was amusing,To see us all bustle away. The trees cried out with sorrowful faces,As another form of transportation came.One by one, the decade year old trees were taken to other places,This is wrong, how can we have the same name? The vehicle chased me from my nest, I had no other option but to flee.I spread my wings and headed west,Hopefully in my new home, those vicious monsters will let me be. 


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My community
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