The Colorful View From The Top

Sun, 08/02/2015 - 01:13 -- jobadak

Like many others who came to this country

            from a distant  world,

I pushed my way from Bangladesh

            where there are many conflicts and there is no safety.


I am like a clementine

     picked from an orchard tree

shipped from Bangladesh

                      to the the land of big dreams.

When I arrived and the skin was peeled off

the pieces came undone.


             Here I face new struggles that have I have never before experienced 

I was




and frustrated.

                          My heart felt discouraged.


I tried to climb the tree from the bottom to the top

but I fell on my way up

    from a thin branch

            My hand and my leg were injured

            I bled.


But I persisted and continued my climb

and when I got to the top of the tree,

the sun was shining brightly in the sky

and the sunlight touched my heart.

I felt delighted as I looked down at the colorful world below.


Maybe I had to fall from the tree

                        not once,

                        but several times.

Because only then, could I really appreciate the view from the top.




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My country
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