In a World Full of Pawns

I don’t know who I am anymore,

I can’t distinguish myself from my friends,

Who I am doesn’t even matter,

Because we’re all pawns in one giant chess board,

And there’s only so many special pieces,

That can be put into play,

So many of us are expendable,

That it won’t matter if a few pawns are lost,

But I can find myself,

I can learn from my mistakes,

I do matter,

And if I choose,

I can become a King on this board,

Pawns may be meaningless to some,

But to others they’re the game changer,

When a pawn makes it to the other side,

It changes into something remarkable and distinct,

I may be a pawn for now,

But someday I’ll make it to the other side,

No matter the obstacles in my path,

And I’ll finally mean something.

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Our world
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