Dear Humanity

Hatred and brutality make up our personalities,

Endless wars and fighting brings nothing but insanity,

They explain it as fidelity, define it as loyalty,

But is killing your neighbors truly an act of audacity?


Families are separated, and populations become decimated,

Innocent civilians are not saved but interrogated,

Nothing but rifles and bombs and missiles to be seen,

and of course a multitude of corpses in between.


Everyday is a living nightmare,

Constant fear is enough to declare,

That every night is sleepless, it’s running in the bitter dark,

You can never stop hiding even if it pains your broken heart. 


Streams are no longer made of water, all that flows is blood,

Tears of sadness and horrors are enough to create a flood,

Memories are the only remnants connected to those you loved,

Victims can only hope that their beloved find peace beyond the clouds above.


If all you can hear from the moment you wake are explosions,

Is it possible for there to be words to explain your emotions?

How can you feel invincible and unbroken?

Could any explanation be enough to give you a comforting notion?


Turkey, Istanbul, Palestine, Bangladesh, Nigeria, France,

For these nations will there ever be a chance?

Egypt, Mali, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Sudan,

Will a child of the next generation ever emerge to say “here I am”?

This may be about racial conflict,


This may be about terrorism,

But ultimately the conflict is creating problems without addressing right or wrong,

Yet we only decide who to place the blame upon,

Rather than attempt to unite us all as one,

Religion should not be why our flesh and blood demise,

Race should not be an excuse for stereotypical lies,

Social status should not be a factor in how significant your voice is,

The importance of these matters should not be masked by a pretense.


Pretending reality is in perfect balance is insane,

It’s time to take a stand, it’s time to make a change.



Mumtahina T.

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