I Am...Scholarship Slam

I Am...

    Demoralized? Why? They all wondered...

   I'm not the happy soul I portray to be I cry..

  most of the time I cry in my sleep or cry and I

  don't even know I'm crying.. I have been emotionally,

   physically and, mentally broken for a while. Some judge

  me and call me stupid because I choose to drag a knife through

 my arms or better yet swallow pills. But no one bother to ask am I ok or

 why do I do these things to myself, even though if they were to ask I'll say

 "I'm Fine" just because it sounds like the right thingt say.


  Demoralized? Why and your pretty and have so much going for

 youself? They continuously asked.. I hated hearing that I was pretty

 only because I didnt feel it deep within. My confidence left me long ago




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