Material Things

Everywhere we go, money here, money there

Everywhere we go, it's jewelry or hair

When you don't have something it's not fair

How others have everything they get to wear

But did you stop to remember how much you really care

About the way other people think of what  you wear

Or how much you can buy while you're at the fair

Or how ridiculous you can make your hair

But no one realizes that you're there


What we should care about and what we should be thinking

Is that everyone and everything has their own meaning

It doesn't require accessories, doesn't require bling

To see all the things that makes us living

It's not about your bank accounts or number of rings

Or even how luxurious the life you're living

It doesn't matter if you don't have bling

Because behind the shroud of bling you're hiding your own meaning

Don't worry about what other people may be thinking


You shouldn't care about material things.



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