"An Unkindness Of An Angel"

Every text that I got

Every vibration I felt

About you is what I thought

& my heart just melt


The second I saw, it's not you,

my mind just blew.

I cannot stop thinking about you.


Either stay in my life as a queen,

Or just get out from it

But don't you dare stay in between


If you do so, I'd either die by fear of losing you

Or I'd die by joy of getting you.

But darling, that's your beauty it's nothing new


Of course you are an angel

But an angel of death

You give me life & take soul out of my body every second in fact


& you have no idea how much it hurts

Just cause of you I'm going through my worse.

It feels like it's a curse

But I'm still holding on, wanting to be your first.


I even tell myself it's alright, it's all gonna be okay

But these are just "word of hope" or some useless shits to say


I know it's not your fault that I've fallen for you, but it's not mine either.

I just don't want myself to end this up being a cheater.

But you're making these scars deeper

& there's nothing I can do but being weaker.


Indeed you gave me a whole new life

When I was in darkness & did not even want to survive

You brought me into light

You taught me how to fight

My life had never been that bright

Then you helped me to reach your height

& when I finally got there, you pushed me & did not even see what's right.

I fell down while looking into your eyes

They seemed so innocent but they always had a devil inside.

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My country
Our world
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