Hard As A Rock, Soft as A Quilt.


Solorio Academy High School
5400 St. Louis Ave. Chicago, Illinois
United States
39° 19' 25.1796" N, 94° 14' 32.6112" W

Long hair, Death Metal t- shirt, and hat.

I may look brutal, but I can't hurt a fly and that's a fact. 

Gutteral vocals, and heavy dropped riffs,

Is one of the many things that make me bliss.


I hold dear the things I love,

as deliqutely as I'm about to release a dove.

I don't express often, I rather take action.

Because I know for sure that will get a reaction.

But when I do express, it's like a huge roar. 

Like a lion who just murdered the enemy he abhores.


Friendship is truly important to my life.

Especially the friendship I have with who I hope is my future wife.

I love everyone in the squad:Ismael, Justin, Devin, and Sal.

They may be incepit at times, but they're my pals.

One thing I really hate is that they always want to hang,

But sometimes, all I want to do is lay back and read Kerrang.


I love you guys, I just need me time.

It's the thing I value heavily, and it's not a crime.

There's a lot of things as an introvert I've come to discover

I am just like my best friend and my lover.


So please understand that for me it's such a chore.

To hang out more and more. 

I love you guys, but please leave me be,

When it's my time, it's time only for me.



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