The Truth

Mon, 06/19/2017 - 16:28 -- Jasire

From the first humans to modern day society we seek knowledge from those of our past,

We try to understand where we all have went wrong

Where we have fallen 

As human-beings we make statements to prove who is superior and who’s just the next man’s dummy

We play with the mind so well that we start to believe our own selves with constant lies and manipulations 

Confusion if defecating

Being mindless is repetition but who bout to sit and break chains on daily bases 

We sit and point fingers 

‘I want him to, or her, maybe her, nah I want the next MLK’ 

But why don’t we sit and break our chains 

MLK already paved the way but why don’t you begin to take our walk today

Yeah we yell in riots “Hands up don’t shoot”

But who is really stopping anything 

We are still the government’s fools

And this is nothing but the spoken truth 


Our slave ancestors fought for moral freedom 

But we are still in mental captivity

We are still enslaved at our best  

When the world looks at America as high and mighty 

We are enslaved to today’s dumb society 

So do you really think you’re free? 

When you’re enslaved to your T.V. screen 

Handheld devices, social media, which all add up to extreme prices

Nah because if I don’t have over 1k on Instagram then it doesn’t matter 

Right? No wrong 

 I don’t know who told these lies

Maybe it was satin dressed up with beautiful eyes

But real eyes, realize, real lies

And this is nothing but the spoken truth 


Now you ask if there is anything more you can do. 

How about let’s stop being the victim 

And speak up for what is right and what is wrong 

In honesty the violence will never stop

If today’s people is quick to pick up a gun 

How about you pick up a bible instead and grab your brothers’hands  

Because when three touch and agree there is enough power to raise the dead

And this is nothing but the spoken truth

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