Grow Me A Tree and Let It Live

Sat, 04/11/2015 - 17:11 -- Aryes

A world so empty

A tree

all alone

grown by a young boy.

Who planted it


so young

and full of potential.


The boy grew up fast

he grew

the tree too

and their roots spread last.


Then one day


so strange

men came and chopped the tree away.


The boy now a man

so tall

so strong

Looks down at an empty lawn.


The man grew old

so shriveled

so decayed

but still he looks everyday.


Empty lawn

no tree

no friends

saddened he walks to the yard.


He stands staring

that spot

his start

He pats the ground then his heart.


He missed the tree

his friend

murdered by man

cheated of life beside him.


The old man vowed

by the end

of his days

he would be buried.


Like his friend

a tree

only a tree

but taken away without mercy.


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Our world
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