Cancer is scary,
Cancer is frightening,
but don't worry child,
Because I know you won't stop fighting,

The chemo can really push you down,
So you feel like your about to drown,
We have so much surgeries and biopsies,
As well as restrictions and policies,

We got poked every Tuesdays in our ports,
Which would remind me that life is too short,
Why do we kids get such a thing,
I wish they can do something unearthing,
So that there could be a cure,
Because some kids are young and premature,

It would be very helpful,
And much much healthful,

You need a lot of care and love,
Because you can really get tired of
The pain..
Which is always shooting at you like rain,

Now a days it's like a virus,
And of course no one desires it,
If only we can be cancer free,
So many people would be happy,

But we have to make plans,
To get ready for my x-rays and scans,
But I'm in remission,
Thank god I'm in this position,
But because of my conditions,
I have some commisions,
For the rest of my life,
Until I die

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