Reclaiming the Palace

Sat, 01/03/2015 - 19:24 -- Ray1500


You banished me from my walls

Replaced all my tapestries with portaits of you throughout my halls

Like this place was some sort of shrine to accomodate you


But I am the prodigal son

And I have returned to not my father but to the one who brings me toil

As I approach my own palace I could hardly recognize it, but I see the blood


The blood spilled from when your putrid poison made me exhale blood

I remember the ingredients of the posion so well because it's etched into my veins:

16 Years of Self-hatred, 15 Years of Worthlessness and a lifetime of doubt


Although doubt remains, I have cultivated courage and I refuse to waiver

Although you've built up an army of self-hatred, worthlessness, and doubt

I've built an army consiting of self-love, worthiness, and conviction


No doubt I will come out of this war scathed

But it's assured I will ride atop of the hill with a sword imbued with self-love

And raise that sword to sound the victory song of my body


I've finally did it

I've reclaimed my body

And what have I become?


A warrior

A warrior who has residues of what you did to my body

Shadows of self-hatred, worthlessness, and doubt still roam my halls


But they're no longer dominant

Being that's what I have chosen for my palace

I will cast my ethereal light on the shadows and banish them as you did to me


My body is a palace and you will no defile it's perfection

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