Comprehending 13

I'm 12 and

You're 13,

You are within the realm of comprehension.

You're not a symptom of me,

Though not at all determined by decision.

I've no experience, you see,

But I can find you anyhow--



As if before I sensed you

As if before you even came into my mind--


I may love you...

In summer trees there'll always be a chance to diverge

Yet boundaries make it so you can't love me too

And I'll never chance a fall into what's worse.


I am not an angel.

I am meat and you will never have me.

And I will never have you.

And when I see you again, I'll be


The one to decide


That Love


Is within the realm of


What is as if I'd never seen the word before,


Leave me alive,


I'm biologically attached and yet

I fail to submit to it.


You're 13,

Natural, rational,

You keep you to yourself

And you've given the 1 away.



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You're an extraordinary poet. I love the rhythm of this piece especially, the deliberate cuts in pacing that reveal how you think of this person, and yourself.


Thank you so much. I don't know if I deserve it but I sincerely appreciate your praise.

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