The Passion of Autonomy


Life forgot my passion there

And handed me the key;

For what possesses better snare

Of curiosity?


The key, ornate with golden leaves

And “Carpe Diem” divine,

Drew not the ripe and deepened sheaves

That rest within my mind.


With joy, I pressed the key upon

The One who grasps my heart

At once, she spat upon my stance

And begged me to depart.


At that, I sought the face of Church

And kneeled before its door

A priest opened the entrance fold

My presence to abhor.


Come night, I spied a Treasure Chest

Aglow from light within

To threw myself upon its latch

My key to prove unfit –


In haste, I wept about the key

Which failed my worthy dream

Life gave me but a metal scrap

Not soul with joy to brim;


Then suddenly, mere Life returned

Upon my face, a strike

Enlightening, it dawned upon

My heart and mind alike


The journey lies within the trek

Of Self-discovery -

Not Love, nor Church, nor Treasure Chest

Nor peace ‘twas known to me -


My key is but an emblem of

The search without a goal

For now I seek the Life and Love

That flame within my soul. 

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My family
My community
My country
Our world
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