Dear dad

Your daughter is not timid
I'll fight all the demons
No matter the outcome
You've been my armour from the day I was born
But now it's my time to face the challenges
So I shall, and overcome them too.
I will be a survivor in this world. No I'll be the Queen.
I know a new hurdle awaits me
Each time I step out alone
I might stumble, I might fall
But Daddy, your daughter is not afraid
She has your blood in her veins,
Your words in her mind.
I'll walk forth with a new zeal and reach for the horizon
You've taught me never to give up
And I promise, I'll make you proud
I might fail once
But Daddy, your daughter is not afraid
I'll emerge a winner
I'm elegant, I walk with Grace
Whilst I'm a fierce lioness
Ready to prey on those who try to victimise me
With their opinions, their notions so old
I'll change this. I promise.
Daddy, your daughter is brave and bold.
And if ever fall, you'll be around.
I know you will, won't you, Daddy?

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My family
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