It's not enough to know

That the human heart propels nearly two thousand gallons of blood in a day

Or that we take this and place it there "because I said so."


And I can't say I've ever wanted to be like Sisyphus,

Leaving menial day for menial night for menial dawn again

When a stone's momentum could rather push at the borders, leveling all.


In fact,

I've always been more of a "why?" than a "fine."

And so often are things more than what you outline.

When the concepts and labels in mind intertwine

I can rightfully claim understanding as mine.


It becomes enough, at least for now,

When atrioventricular valves prevent regression of ideas as much as backflow of blood

And I leave Sisyphus to be crushed by his stone


Because I've gotten it and I'm not letting go

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