The Flower on the Roadside

Tue, 01/17/2017 - 11:21 -- Stocks

Im driving down the road

An emerald meadow bathed in moonlight

The azure river did flow

That mid summer sunday midnight


Down to the city streets

Showered in the cold grey concrete

Not a single sign of peace

I can't even feel the heartbeat


The streetlight shone upon

A single budding flower

That many people walked on

But the flower seemed empowered


It didn’t waiver beneath

Suffocation from the walls aside

Its roots reaching underneath

The petals a light blue sky


Past the rugged ceiling

The fragile beauty pushed through

The once crying flower seedling

Like a redwood did it grew


She kindly gave it being

Though the path laid out was dark

Slowly guiding and believing

So it wouldnt miss its mark


Past that glowing place

My path did so take me

In my mind was that simple space

I'm now the age of thirty


No matter when She’s always there

Though it may seem hard and tough

Just know you’re in her care

You will be fine sure enough


And so I learned a lesson so simple

That many men forget about

Yet I couldnt help but giggle

At my feelings of doubt.

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