A Healthy Life's Meeting

Wed, 06/19/2019 - 20:22 -- aissoul

Tears couldn't stop the fire
Explainations couldn't win the case
The wise intution warned me about this...
I was sent away


The corner of my eye, saw the woman skip out back
At least the games were over
At least the feeling was mutual


Time had been money, and I was late.
I tried to explain
But again, explainations couldn't win the case


I had been careless.
Either I didn't know or I didn't care.
Again, I tried to explain
But explainations couldn't win this case


I had been distracted.
Thought to explain
But then I saw...
Explainations won't win this case


I had sat still
He said he still liked me
The friendly tone that meant nothing


I got my tip, left, then cried
That final ounce of pride died inside


Soon after, friends were distant and money, tight
Confidence totaled
I was low


But I survived
Saw my value 
Learned time's value


Because in the end


My tears can't stop the fire
My explainations won't win the case
I'll heed the wise intution's advice
So I won't be sent away

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